Thursday, March 15, 2007

Brandon Rogers is out, Sanjaya continues on!

Brandon is out this week. It was a little sad to see him go because I felt that he had potential. Coming this far is a huge accomplishment in itself. And who says he is done. With so much exposure on TV, there could be other music artists interested in giving him a piece of their pie. So even if he is out, he still had so much going on for him. I personally would like to wish him success and good luck with his future ventures.

As for Sanjaya, he is still on! I thought he did better this time but I still feel that he doesn't feel the song while he sings it. I am really rooting for Sanjaya to become the next American idol. The hair thing is pretty cool. I believe there is a huge crowd for his hair styles. I personally like the curly hair, it just works and fits his personality. I still feel that he lacks a little self-confidence. He needs to improve a little on his vocals and give it his best when he is on stage. Good luck to him and the others who are still in the game!