Tuesday, March 13, 2007

World Class Beauties

It's amazing how I came across this comparison of world class beauties on the msn website. This article talks about Aishwarya Rai, the indian actress. For those who do not know her, she is India's 1994 Miss World winner. She is listed in the Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential People in the World Today," as well as Hello Magazine's "Most Attractive Women in the World". She has made it on the Rolling Stone's "Hot List." She even joined actresses Catherine Deneuve and Andie MacDowell as a member of L'Oréal Cosmetics.

Check out this article as it also talks about other beauties like Beyonce, Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, Michelle Yeoh and many others. Penelope is known to be the Madonna of Madrid and Michelle Yeoh was born in Malaysia to Chinese-born parents. It is simply amazing how we are able to see talents so diverse and from all over the world. Sometimes, we are proud to see actors/actresses who represent our own country. But to see it all in a neat list is indeed charming!