Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Take on Anger Management

Whiggles.com CompactNo, I am not talking about the movie. Although the movie does have Adam Sandler undergoing Anger Management therapy under the supervision of Jack Nicholson. That was a hilarious movie. 2 Thumbs up if you are a comedies junkie. But getting to the focus here, I was reading about Naomi Campbell and Boy George. Naomi, the 36-year old supermodel pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault for hitting her maid, Ana, in the back of the head with her cell phone. It seems that Ms. Campbell has a reputation for angry outbursts. Later, Ana was treated for a head injury. She was asked to do five days of community service and attend a two-day anger management program. What an embarrassment.

Its not surprising how you can let anger get the better of you. I am not saying that it cannot happen. It can happen but would an anger management program resolve it. Doing community service is definitely not the solution. Such outbursts need to be treated more effectively. Anger is caused by stress and stress can come from anything; a job, a partner, a child, etc. Here is a very nice link to a great article on the Anger subject.

George was also on the news for such a reason. He was also punished with the five-day community service sentence. While community service has always been advocated in courts, the punishment has gained a higher ground after the celebrity sentences. Yes, it is a bit funny if you can have seen the Adam Sandler's "Anger Management" movie but its is indeed not a laughing matter. Controlling your anger is a serious issue and can cause other health related problems, let alone the social ones!