Monday, March 12, 2007

A fresh start

This blog is going to be a joint venture between my husband, Pramod and I, to start a joint effort on blogging about movies. We are avid movie watchers and love to get the inside info about our movies, its actors and actresses.

My husband is a die hard fan of the hit TV serial, MONK. He doesn't miss an episode and we are thinking of having a special section here dedicated to none other than our 'Monk'. Talking about movie serials, we also watch the hit series 'Law and Order'. There were times when we could watch that serial all day. I guess we were thrilled by the stuff that you can learn from that serial, from what kind of people are out there, to the different crimes and the possible ways of investigating some of them.

We also watch Indian movies, bollywood films mostly. And since Mumbai is a busy city with so many happenings, we definetely would love to discuss a little about what the Indian Media headlines have to say about movies and its take on entertainment news.

Did I miss something, yes, of course! We also watch sports, preferably NBA, NFL, tennis and some NCAA games. I am sure I got most of it covered and if I left something out, then we will surely add it on subsequent future posts.