Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sanjaya moves ahead...Stephanie Edwards out!!!

Photo from American Idol.comWell, its been a great day for Sanjaya, yet again. He is moving ahead in the crowd. This time it was Stephanie Edwards who was voted out of the show. I was a little surprised to see her go because she had a lovely confident voice. But as for Sanjaya, he is still in the game and the best part was they had an idol fan who was given the opportunity to come on stage and meet the idols.

She must have been a big hit in school after that! But it was a dream come true for her. She was a big fan of Sanjaya and it was very superb of the show hosts to get her on stage and bring her dream to reality. I still could picture the expression on her face when she saw Sanjaya. Like I have said earlier, I am still rooting for Sanjaya. I guess after this episode, he now knows that he has got fans and he better keep up the good work and give it its all because his fans are supporting him, ALL THE WAY! Good luck to Sanjaya and the others!